You may download a sample copy of the Facilitator's Guide

Download a sample copy of Life Values Inventory

Facilitator's Guide to the LVI

The Facilitator's Guide is a user's manual for professionals who administer the LVI. It provides an overview of the theoretical underpinnings behind the LVI and the psychometric properties associated with its development and validation. Suggestions are provided for administering the LVI, as well as recommendations and exercises for various applications.

Facilitator's Guide Contents

  • Introduction and Overview
    • Defining Values
    • Theoretical Underpinnings
    • Overview of the LVI
  • Development of the LVI
    • Stage 1: Dimensionality of Values
    • Stage 2: Testing the Model
    • Stage 3: Revision & Pilot Testing
    • Stage 4: Validation of the LVI-14
    • Exploratory Analyses
    • Life Values Inventory (2002)
  • Administering the LVI
  • Interpreting the LVI
  • How Values Operate
  • Using the Life Values Inventory
    • Couples Counseling
    • Career Counseling
    • Retirement and Leisure Counseling
    • Using the LVI in Business
    • Developing Effective Teams
    • Substance Abuse Counseling and Education
  • Appendices
    • Occupations Locator
    • Educational Majors Locator
    • Leisure Activities Locator

Life Values Inventory Online

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